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Are you considering a move to the Cowichan Valley? The Duncan area is a terrific place to raise a family, begin a career, or retire away from the city life. This area is considered special because it’s on the edge of wilderness forest yet less than an hour from the international sophistication of Victoria. Open spaces, easy access to waterfront activities like boating and swimming, and a healthy down-to-earth lifestyle bring people from all over Canada to explore and stay. Of course, if you live here you already know the magic of the Cowichan Valley.

This area is home to a branch of the Vancouver Island University and enables hundreds of local students to attend classes locally for degrees and trades. The professional work opportunities on Vancouver Island are increasing every year as the technology and resources industries grow.

Duncan is known for its thriving artist community and a vibrant First Nations demographic that energises the local communities with cultural vigor. The name Cowichan means “The Warm Land” and that is especially true in Lake Cowichan, 20 minutes west of Duncan, which has Canada’s highest mean temperatures.

If you’re looking for a lifestyle change that will nourish the soul and feed the spirit, then you’re looking for the Cowichan Valley.

Buyers Start Here

Looking after you, always

When you’re shopping for a new home, it’s best to start with a clear goal. That way, all of the people who are working together on your behalf will have proper direction and you’ll be happier with the results. Part of my role is to help you define the requirements in a home that your family needs. I’m very thorough in all phases of the home buying process and enjoy finding just the right home for my clients.

Negotiating for your home purchase goes beyond getting the best price. Few people realize that there are many other facets of bargaining such as reducing closing costs, coordinating the best date for your move, and requesting any special accommodations you might need like a professional cleaning or including something that you would like to have.

Once your offer is accepted, my role changes to those of moving coordinator and contract expert. There are a number of tasks that need to be completed to win a mortgage approval and ensure that your new home meets certain standards for condition. I will lead and monitor the professionals that are a part of your home purchase. It’s likely that I have worked with many of them before your purchase and you can be assured that the lines of communication are open and intuitive.

Sellers Start Here

What can a Realtor® do for me?

Change is everywhere on Vancouver Island these days and the Cowichan Valley seems to be on everyone’s wish list for a happy place to live. With rapid changes in our market, we can see prices rising. One of my personal strengths is researching the local market inventory and pricing accordingly. Realizing the best price for your home requires experience and in-depth knowledge of housing in the Cowichan Valley.

Realtors® are legally required to look after your sale (and purchase) using the same care and attention to detail that they would give their own transaction. It’s called fiduciary duty and it means that you can trust me to manage your sale with thoroughness and expertise. My goal is to make the process easy and relaxed so you can enjoy the next step, which is finding another home. I’ll look out for your best interests, always.

Selling a home is more than placing a sign on the lawn and a listing on MLS®. We’ll begin by preparing the inside and outside for sale. When it’s ready for sale, I’ll make arrangements for professional photography and other marketing materials as necessary and syndicate the listings to a special group of websites. Do you have special marketing requests? This is the time for us to put those plans into action. Contact me today to discuss any questions you might have.

Meet Carol Dion

About me

I have been a happy and successful real estate agent in the Cowichan Valley since 2002. Born and raised here, it seems like I know almost everyone and can give a first-hand account of the changes, unique history, and sometimes a funny anecdote about a particular place or event.

Most people will say that I’m approachable and easy to work with, which I’m always grateful to hear. Neighbours looking out for neighbours is part of what makes the Cowichan Valley special for me and the people who live here. It’s the “people first” aspect of this job that really appeals to me.

Professionally, I am dedicated to the role and pay special attention to legal and ethical requirements mandated by the local, provincial, and federal governing bodies for Realtors®. I take pride in continuously improving my skills and knowledge with regular coursework and seminars.

Please contact me to discuss your next move. I would appreciate the opportunity to meet you and answer your questions.